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By electronically agreeing to, and signing, the agreement below you consent and understand that the estimated equalized monthly payment quoted above is an estimated amount to equalize your payments over a 12-month period. You further agree that once each year, a review will be made of your account, at which time the sum of your estimated equalized payments over the previous 12 months will be deducted from the sum of your actual billings over the same period. Furthermore you agree that any balance remaining will be billed to you for payment and due immediately and similarly, any amount in excess will be allowed to you as a credit on subsequent monthly billings until the difference has been exhausted.

Your account will undergo a mid-year review to assess the accuracy of the estimate and your monthly amount may be adjusted accordingly at this time. In the event of a rate increase, your equalized monthly payment amount quoted above will be increased by the average residential rate increase in effect at that time without notification.

This contract shall be self-renewing from year to year or until notification of termination has been made.

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